Friday, 7 November 2014

Poptropica, Arabian nights guide.

Alright, today we'll be doing Arabian Nights part 1: How Bazzar!

So, we have to find the hideout.

Go to the right, over the the next area, there's nothing for us over on the left just yet.

Talk to the man, he tells you that the caves are the only place that makes sense for the thieves to hide, beside him you see a stone platform that looks like something you'd use to offer something to the gods, or in this case, the thieves. We'll be using that later.

Now go left again, to the caves.

When you reach the cave entrance, jump up and onto the top of the caves, where you'll be safe from scorpions and it's the only way in.

Watch out for that quicksand! It moves under your feet and tries to pull you through it, just jump over.

You'll reach some bones pretty quickly, and if you try to jump on them, you get hurt, and flung into the quicksand! So jump over the quicksand and land right in front of the bones, but not on them, then jump over and continue.

You'll reach a wall with some quicksand near it, so go through the quicksand and further into the caves.

When inside, go to the right, and push the large box over to the wall, using it to get up. Do the same with the next box, push it over the edge of the cliff.

You'll realise that whoever lived here is long, long gone. Well thats a piece of info we no longer can use! Oh well, let's keep going.

Push the box from before over to the rock on the left, and use it to jump up to the next floor.

There will be another box, which, you guessed it, we have to push! Push it over the edge,

Push the box over over to the broken ladder and use it to get yourself up.

Now push the last box over the edge, and across the wall, and use it to jump up again.

Run across, jumping over the quicksand, take the bag of salt out of the skelton's hands.

So we were right, that's not the hideout, oh well.

And besides, phew! Now we can leave this place!

Go outside and back to the area you first arrived in.

Go up the stairs and find the lady in the blue and purple silk.

Trade the salt rocks for the cloth.

"You cant get more wrapped up in a better deal" LOL! Not the only pun here either! There's plenty more in the market!

Now go up to the left, to the man in the blue robe, trade him the salt to get the spyglass, (you can get the grain too, but thats not nessecary) AKA: "You can see this is a great steal from far away" and, "You have a seasoned sense for a good bargin" Can you guess which is which? 

Anyway, go right past the blue silk lady and jump onto the tower next to her, where there just happens to be a handy spyglass stand just for us!

Now, go to the right and place the salt on that stone platform from before, because anything you place on the platform gets stolen. Let's just take advantage of that shall we? 

Then go back to the tower with the spyglass on it.

Click on the spyglass. Look over to the right, then to the left, you'll see the platform go up in smoke and the thieve dash in and take it while the smokes still there. Sneaky thieves!

But they'll have dropped something! Run back to the platform and pick up smoke bombs!

Go all the way to the left, and I mean all the way. Over to the sultans palace. 

Hop up and onto the platforms above the ground, and leap above the guards heads, now equip the smoke bombs.

Wait and listen to their stupid and pointless conversation until one guard walks over to the other.

Drop the smoke bomb on their heads. Then, being the trespasser that you are, while they're gagging on your smoke bombs, jump into the palace while they're not focused on you. (Some guards they are)

You'll quickly notice that this is not what a palace should look like, the windows are boarded, the treasures, shattered. Talk to the sultan and he will tell you that the 40 thieves robbed him too!

But that's not all, he wants you to retrieve a special item to you, a lamp. (What's the bet that it has a genie in it?) So he'll give you one last gem to trade.

Go back to the bazzar. Talk to the guy who you got the spyglass from. He'll trade you his ivory camel for your jewel.

Next, go to the guy with the real camel, and offer him the ivory camel, he'll be thrilled that it doesn't bite and will trade you his actual camel for the fake camel.

Use the camel bridle to bring the camel to the stone platform, but don't run too fast or the camel will fight you, and if your a proud person who doesn't want to submit to a camel, you'll be stuck their for a while.

Then do what you did with the salt, leave it there and go to the spyglass tower.

Look to the right this time, a thief will throw a smoke bomb and try to take the camel, but since the camel is a fighter, and that thief isn't submitting to a camel, you see a small tug-of-war before the theif gives in and just walks to the camel over to the lake by the caves.

The thief says open sesame (Lamest password ever!) and a camel shaped entrance opens up. 

Now it's your go, go back to the lake and as soon as you wade into the water, you repeat the password the thief said, and step inside.

There! Now you've completed Arabian Nights Part 1: How Bazzar!

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