Monday, 17 November 2014

Super Power Island Help.

Today we're playing Super Power Island.

You'll first land on a sign post saying country prision, everything will look fine... But go over to the right, and enter the mask and capes shop

Talk to the person on the immedite left, he'll give you a superhero id card.... I didnt know that was a thing...

Opitionally, you can also get a super hero costume.

Now go to the prison.Talk to this guy.

He'll give you a wonderful little folder full of information, for major clues in how to beat them, i would recomend looking at that after you talk to the girl on the left, who'll give you anti-power handcuffs.

Now you can look at those files.

Two of them are pretty big hints, so now go to the right, over to the next area.

Talk to the first people you see, they'll tell you that cop cat is inside the bank! So of course, go inside.

Copy cat will be on the left, so go over to the left. She'll split into lots of different people, oh no!

She'll have throw a smoke bomb, so you have limited time. It's really hard to give advice on this one, so just search both up and down looking for her.

Once you've found them all, you'll see this, and get trasported back to the prision.

Now go right again, back to downtown.

Go down into the subway, where Speeding Spike will be lurking... Okay so board the train. You'll have to get him from the last carrige to the first, so run over to where he is.

Jump his attacks, until he gets really mad. It's really importent not to get hit here. So now he'll be in the next carriage. Repeat that until you reach the first carriage.

Speeding Spike will slip on water, and fall down. Yay! Thats another super villian gone! Walk over to him to put the handcuffs on.

Now since you'll be back at the prision, go to the right, even more right then before, past downtown and into the next area.

Get a hot dog from the hot dog guy. Then try to deal with the problem at hand, Sir Rebral.

So he'll be using rocks from the ground to try and pulverize you, the rocks will also be homing rocks... Meaning that they follow you, just not very accuratly. So that gives you a wepon of your own, just move so that the rock hits Sir Rebral, and not you.

Then he'll get mad, and starting making the ground knock out from underneath you, and this is a huge challenge, because it means that you have to stay above ground at all times unless you want to be a human missile.

Run over to the rock lying on the ground, the one that you can push. Ok so the idea is to push the rocks in a way that it'll hit Sir Rebral when the ground comes up.

Putting it under him wont work, you have to do it from the right, just slightly, between the bench and the statue is about right.

It should knock him down and give you time to handcuff him.

Of course you'll be at the prison again, so go back to the park, and into the toilets, and NOT for the normal reason!

Go down the manhole, and into the sewers, the dirty, rotten, horrible sewers!

Ok so swim across the water until you reach this thing:

Try and jump under the pipe and through the door, but if you miss, go to the right, turn the wheel thing on the right, then go quickly to the door, and go inside.

Ratman will be inside
There's a wheel thing on the top right, so you have to get up there while avoiding the rats, which is a lot harder than it sounds.

My advice is to jump up and right, and then up left, then up right, then up left, but it's very hard to time it right, and it may take you a little while.

Victory is MINE!
After you turn that, a heap of icky water falls on Ratman's head, eww! But he'll have sent his flies to annoy you, but they're easy to dodge if your fast.

So go and click on Ratman and put him back under arrest.

Four down, two to go! Now, let's head to the next area, the junkyard, where Crusher will be, um, crushing...

You will have to time your jumps between him shaking the ground, or you'll fall! But your target is that large magnet tower over to the left of Crusher. So make your way over there.

Climb the yellow tower, and go into the control room. Turn the switch from green to red, to drop a fridge on the to-be-crushed Crusher. The good news is, in theory he should be weakened. The bad news is, he isn't, and he's throwing stuff at you...

You have to make your way back up to the magnet tower (because he knocked you off) whilst avoiding his stuff he seems to love throwing at you.

Go back into the control room and turn the magnet to green, and a chunk of metal gets stuck to it. And it's even more funny because he's standing on it...

Ahahaha... Crusher pancake... Anyway, you're free to arrest him now.

Here comes the fun part...

Go to the phone box at the daily paper, you'll see that it's ringing, now click on it and click on the phone, and then...

YOU CAN FLY! Now it's time to take down Betty Jetty... Run FLY over to the next area, and up to the top of that tall building, you'll have to press go up to continue along, but indeed, there is Betty Jetty, the last and hardest villian.

Fly up when your ready to try.

For this one, you have to dodge the green laser things she sends at you until you can reach her to handcuff her, beware, some of them follow you like crushers rocks, some of them seem to corner you, and some of them are easy to dodge!

My advice for this is to always stay a little bit behind until you're certain that you can get her, while still dodging her laser things.

Finally you'll bring her out of the sky, but she's not defeated yet, until...

That annoying guys comes out of nowhere! And to make things worse, HE'S the hero, and YOU did practially everything!

Go to the comic store, because they gave the medallion to Ned Noodlehead, and trade your hot dog for that medallion that should have been yours from the start!

We deserved that... But island completed! Good work!

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